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We take a lot of pride in our comprehensive military VA loan program; we simply don’t think it’s enough that we are experts on the VA Home Loan Benefit Program. We also believe it is important to understand the military community itself and the unique needs of its service members and veterans.

Our VA home loan specialists, many of whom are veterans themselves, take serving the military community very seriously. We make sure we do what we say, and say what we’ll do – out of professionalism, patriotism and sheer gratitude for those who are serving today and all of those who have served before.

We will get it right and get it done the first time. We promise.

Our loans for military members are second to none. You can find out more by giving us a call at 800-211-4940 and asking, “What should I know about getting a VA loan?

If you’re interested in reading more about  applying for a military VA loan, click here!

Otherwise, keep reading to discover more about the ways we’ve helped members of the military.

Our Location & Commitment

Our military VA loan center has a unique understanding of the military community. Our location in the mid-Atlantic is in the heart of a full list of military installations, so the military is also a large part of our civilian culture.

In addition, several of our employees are veterans themselves and understand the needs of active duty and retired service members. We understand that moving your family across the country, sometimes every few years, is not easy. That’s why we try to ensure the loans for military members that we offer are the best available to our service members.

Simply put, we know how to get things done for this very special community. We know how to account for the allowance given to active duty personnel. We even understand the process in terms of how you find your housing allowance.

Understanding A PCS Military Move

We want our customers to feel confident that “we get it” when they are facing a military move. There is a lot that goes into the permanent change of station (PCS), and securing financing should not be a burden.

Our military VA loan program understands the time constraints, the limited leave time, or relocation liberty, allowed for house hunting. We understand how important it is that you have your pre-qualification in hand,  a realtor ready, and that you need to settle on a specific day because of the special time constraints you face.

If you’re qualified, rest assured we can take care of everything you need done quickly and efficiently. Our well trained professionals will make certain that you receive the best possible loan with the lowest possible rate without the hassle and “junk fees” you might find other lenders charging.

Our military VA loans are designed to assist our brave men and women of the armed services and help meet their mortgage and loan requirements as easily as possible.

You will deal directly with your VA loan specialist who will know you by name, not by number. We are standing by ready to help you make your move as efficiently as possible. We can work with you as well as your spouse, in whatever capacity suits your individual needs.

The loans for military members offered via our military VA loan program are within your reach! Click here to discover what a VA mortgage loan can do for you!

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If you have any questions about our military VA loan program or if you want to learn more about our loans for military members, please contact us via phone at 800-211-4940.

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