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At VAMortgage.com, your VA home loan specialist will be your single point of contact for your entire loan process. You can count on the same dedicated individual to take you through the entire home loan process, beginning to end, from pre-qualification to closing, so you can experience the highest level of continuity and quality of service.

Are you ready to take advantage of our personal approach to VA mortgage services? You can get the process started right now by clicking here and submitting the loan pre-application form.

Mortgage Services Designed for Service Members & Veterans

Whether you’re active duty or retired from military service, you need the support and professionalism of a company who can take care of everything for you efficiently. You also need someone who will understand and respect the military culture you are or have been a part of.

Veterans have developed our service for military service members and their families so that they can take full advantage of the VA home loan benefits to which they are entitled.

We understand the need for absolute efficiency for active duty members and we believe our veterans deserve nothing but absolute efficiency in regards to our mortgage services.

We make it our duty to deliver.

Pre-Qualification Process

If you choose to pre-qualify for VA mortgage loans, VAMortgage.com will make the pre-qualification process fast and efficient. This is done by utilizing email, postal mail or faxing – whatever is most convenient and accessible for our customers.

We’ll help you identify what you can afford and we can help you find a realtor if you don’t already have one.

We are committed to providing the most accurate pre-qualification available, so that you can house-hunt with confidence. Also, choosing us to help you pre-qualify does not obligate you to use us when you are ready to apply for your VA home loan.

Application Process

In processing your VA home loan or VA refinance loan application, we are pleased to work with a national notary service that will do the applications with you in person.

The exact same person will also handle your settlement, in person.

They will have a clear understanding of the VA loan documents and will be fully prepared to answer your questions while you take advantage of this highly-efficient mortgage service. In addition, we are pleased to offer you a free appraisal with VAMortgage.com – a benefit to you that not every VA lender provides.

Underwriting & Approval Process

Because VAMortgage.com is a division of Howard Bank, we have the benefit of having all of the resources we need to start and finish your loan, in-house.

It’s all done under one roof!

With a broker, the relationship ends with the approval process. But with us, your VA mortgage loans never leave the building. We’ll see it through to settlement and closing, providing you with added security during your VA loan process.

Settlement & Closing Process

The final, and most important, of all our mortgage services is the assistance offered with the settlement and closing process. The very same notary who will meet with you to do your application will also assist you, in person, with your settlement and closing.

We understand the scheduling demands placed on service members, so we make ourselves available night and weekends for your closing so that it can be done on your schedule.

You can also be confident that your VA home loan specialist will carefully review your documents before you sit down at settlement so that it is a seamless and positive experience for you.

Now that you know the endless mortgage services that we offer, you can apply for a loan with confidence knowing we will be with you every step of the way!

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If you have any questions about VA mortgage loans, our mortgage services, or you just have a question, please call us at 800-211-4940.

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