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Regardless of what branch of the military you are a service member or veteran in, can help you take advantage of the military home buying program benefits to which you are entitled.

We’ll help you determine your eligibility, acquire your COE and apply for your VA loan. As part of our service to you, we also provide you with free home appraisals.

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If you are a veteran or member of the military, continue reading to learn how buying a home can be easier than you thought.

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Military Home Buying: U.S. Air Force

The following testimonial is from Ed Hale, a prominent Baltimore businessman:

I was in the Air Force from 1966-1968 as a medic. I got married and bought my first home through the VA.  At the time I was just getting started, and I wasn’t making much money – so the VA military home buying program was really the only way I could have bought a house. I paid $24,500 for that house, and I was scared to death to borrow that much money. But the people at the VA made me feel more secure about it, because they told me that the U.S. Government was actually guaranteeing a part of the loan. Years later, I sold that house and made $7,000 – which at the time was a lot of money to me.

It’s funny – in the years since then I’ve owned trucking companies, barge companies and banks – but real estate has always been my first love. I don’t think there’s been a time since that I wasn’t buying or selling or developing a property somewhere. That first experience of buying a house through the VA made me a believer in the value of owning your own home.

This experience with VA home loans gave me confidence that I could do more with my life, as long as I was willing to work for it. I did my time in the service, and I earned the benefits that allowed me to get where I wanted to go. I know it might sound corny, but I guess it made me a believer in the American Dream. It’s the best lesson I’ve ever learned.

Military Home Loans: U.S. Army

Mandi and Charlie Pedrick expressed their feelings about our military home buying program with us via this email. Their story depicts the positive experience they had with one of our employees and the positive feelings that can be produced throughout this process.

This email is to let you all know about our experience with Justin Johnson. We recently used Justin for the financing of our home in Melbourne, FL. I had the opportunity of chatting with Justin about two years ago about refinancing. He was very helpful and truthful at that time and let us know that it would not be beneficial to refinance then.

He said that he would keep our info and if ever a time came that it would be beneficial to refinance he would contact us. I thought, ‘yeah right, sure you will.’ Sure enough, about two months ago he contacted us to let us know the time was right!

I was very surprised. Needless to say we have closed on our refinance all due to Justin’s hard work. The best part, as far as I’m concerned, was that we barely had to lift a finger! We encountered problems locating our old HUD and Justin resolved them quickly. We are so thankful to Justin for making this as simple as possible. Justin Johnson is without a doubt an asset to your company!

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