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Applying for a home loan is the first step towards owning the home of your dreams. The VA home loan pre-application form below is designed to obtain all necessary information that we at need to estimate a home loan for you!

Simply fill out the VA loan pre-application form we have provided and we will be in contact with you soon after your submission to discuss your home loan! If you have any questions you can call one of our loan officers directly at 800-211-4940.

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Understanding the VA Loan Pre-Application Form

The VA loan application is broken down into four basic areas of information.

  • The Borrower
  • The Property
  • Income
  • Assets

The Borrower

This is your information and certain fields are required, noted by the asterisk. Please enter your first and last name, email address and how we can reach you.

Also list your current address where you live, not your mailing address with a P.O. box. Note that VA loan applications require a minimum of two years residency. If you were stationed overseas during that period, simply enter your permanent stateside address. If you’ve been at this address for less than two years you’ll need to provide us with your previous residency history to cover two full years.

The Property

Here you will enter the subject property you’re financing. The drop down menu will ask you to select if the loan is for a Purchase, a No Cash-Out Refinance or a standard Refinance.

You’ll also be asked to identify the property as your primary residency, a second home, or an investment property. A second home is typically a vacation or resort property that you own that is not rented out to third parties.

You’ll also be asked about the current estimated value of the property. You don’t have to be exact on this VA loan application form, just use your best estimate. An appraisal will determine the final value.

If you have not yet selected a property, simply leave this section blank.


This section asks for all sources of income that you receive on a regular basis for at least two years. If you have started a new job, the VA loan application will have places for you to enter previous employment. The VA loan will ask for a minimum of two years recent employment. Make sure you list the gross monthly income, or the income before any taxes or withholding.


These fields are used in the VA loan application to determine if you currently have sufficient funds for closing costs. Closing costs can be one time charges such as origination or appraisal fees, as well as recurring charges for homeowners insurance, interest and property taxes. Your VA loan will require you to have escrow or impound accounts where you pay a portion of your annual property tax and insurance premium. Your loan officer will give you more details.

Taking the Next Step

After you’ve completed the VA loan application sections, please review the remaining questions and our Privacy Policy. If you have a co-borrower who will be on the VA loan application with you, click “Yes” when asked. When completed, hit the “Submit” button and one of our loan officers will be in contact with you to complete the process.

You’ll also notice on our VA Loan Application page on the right hand side that you can get a quick estimate on your closing costs, monthly payments and qualifying amounts by completing the “Get an Estimate Now!” field and give us the best time to call you.

And to make it easy, you can simply click the “Click to Chat” button to get in touch with us immediately.

Our VA loan application is designed to provide you with an efficient way to get the initial VA loan information you need to get started. Call us today at 800-211-4940. We’d love to be your VA lender.